Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 6: Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today we spent the day with Colonel Randolph from the State Department. We met with him for breakfast and received a briefing about the plans for the day and an introduction to the topic: the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. After a brief interruption from the fire alarm, we finished the orientation briefing and loaded the bus for Gettysburg. This was the first unpleasant weather day of the trip. Rain persisted the entire day and forced us to change some plans, but we progressed despite the weather, armed with umbrellas and jackets. Colonel Randolph impressed us beyond belief with his detailed descriptions of the intricacies of the battle. Weaved in with the dynamics of the epic clash were valuable lessons about leadership and the significance of this momentum shifting event. Class 42 is so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from such an esteemed expert and gain a better appreciation for the battle and it's aftermath.

Written by Presiding Fellows Sonny Pulido, Cade Johnson, and Cameron Boswell

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  1. Class 42. Colonel Randolph is by far one the most engaging and knowledgeable persons that I ever met. I got the privilege to be the PF for the day at Gettysburg when Class 38 visited this battlefield....Remember those leadership moments as you go forth on the rest of the National Trip...Garry